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Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened at prior Summer Institutes?

Go to http://cwp.uconn.edu/teachers/summerinst/cwpsi09.php to view highlights and read comments from participants..

Go to http://cwp.uconn.edu/teachers/summerinst/cwpsi08.php to view highlights and read comments from participants.

What are people saying about the CWP Summer Institute?

I am suddenly realizing that this organization does a lot of cool stuff that I didn't know anything about. There is room for any kind of involvement: one day volunteering, joining a committee, technology help, coming up with new ideas, reaching out to communities and schools, recruiting new CWP Summer Institute folks -- you name it! I hadn't realized until today that CWP is the home I'm looking for as a teacher. I spent the past week at the Leadership Summer Institute meeting all new CWP people and finding them just as amazing and supportive as the Summer Institute group was last year. And they assure me that all things CWP always have that feel!
—LauraToffenetti, CWP Fellow 2005, on the Leadership Summer Institute 2006

The CWP Summer Institute was perhaps the most rewarding experience I have ever had as a teacher. Having explored my own process as a writer over those four weeks, I am better able now to understand my students and how they write. The CWP experience - learning educational theory, writing creative pieces, responding to our reading through writing response logs, developing thoughtful professional presentations, and learning to discover our own voices - will stay with me for the rest of my life.
—2004 Summer Institute Participant

“The Summer Institute is an experience that has changed the way I feel about myself as a teacher and a person. It has energized me and uplifted me as a writer, reader, learner, and teacher. I would recommend this opportunity to any one of my colleagues, English teachers and non-English teachers alike, at any grade level.”
—Denise Stemmler, 2007 Summer Institute Participant

What is the CWP Summer Institute?

Each summer, the Connecticut Writing Project invites outstanding teachers from all disciplines and levels of instruction to participate in the CWP Summer Institute (SI) on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut. The Summer Institute provides the opportunity for teachers to learn the most current theories in writing and writing instruction, to share their expertise, and to practice writing themselves.

What are the Benefits of the Summer Institute?

Upon successful completion of the Summer Institute requirements, a participant is designated an official Fellow of the CWP Summer Institute. He or she also becomes a Teacher/Consultant for the CWP. These honors are recognized at any state site of the National Writing Project. Applicants at the CWP/Storrs site may receive either a cash stipend for attending the SI or graduate credits from the University of Connecticut Department of English.

What does the Summer Institute do?

During the month-long institute, Fellows engage in an analysis and discussion of current writing and research theory. They engage in the practice of writing by drafting, conferencing, and revising four pieces; and they research, develop and present a workshop.

Who is a good participant?

For the Summer Institute, the Connecticut Writing Project seeks candidates who

  • Are outstanding teachers and leaders in their districts
  • Seek opportunities for professional and personal growth
  • Have strong views on writing instruction, are open to new ideas about it, and use writing as a means of learning within their disciplines
  • Are committed to serving as Connecticut Writing Project Teacher/Consultants and as active members of the organization.

Selection Process

Summer participants are selected on the basis of written applications, letters of recommendation, interviews, and proven quality of teaching experience. If you would like further information about the Connecticut Writing Project and/or the Summer Institute, please contact the CWP office at cwp@uconn.edu.